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Beatrice Oliver Gould
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Beatrice Oliver Gould is a name to remember and follow her journey as a Bahamian Artist pushing out into the world of Folk Art, Still Life & Fine Art Paintings.  From the beginning in Andros, to her life now in Exuma, Beatrice looks to translate her lifetime experiences into artistic expressions, to give people an insight into the beautiful culture of the Bahamas. Her paintings could be a simple still life picture of a hummingbird or could be a folk art image of family gathering at a party having fun in the islands. Whatever Beatrice depicts she captures the spirit of the Bahamas and dedicates herself to each painting, with the beautiful colors and the tales they tell.  

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Beatrice is full of joy to be able to showcase her portfolio of art to the world, where she is gaining many followers who appreciate her style of work. Beatrice is also happy to hear your comments & feedback and if you would like more information on any of her paintings or to speak to her about commissioning a piece please get in contact


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